Hør no 1

Designer: Lone Kjeldsen

Hier geht es direkt zur Strickanleitung.

Verfügbare Sprachen:

en dk
It is creaking, when you are knitting…

Knitting with linen is very special - it is inelastic and hard, but in your hands it will be transformed into soft, comfortable and breathable knitwear, which is specially good for summer blouses.

And if the design is simple and classic, it lasts for 100 years.

(“Hør” is the Danish word for linen)

The pattern includes 7 sizes for adults.

Bust circumference: 37.75” (96 cm) - 46.5” (118 cm)
Length: 21” (55 cm) - 26.75” (68 cm)

This pattern is no 1 out of a series of linen knitwear.

The pattern is in English and Danish
BC Garn Lino

BC Garn


750 - 1350 m
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