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“Summer Dream” is the second pattern of small collection “Sur un songe”.
I propose here a summer top that fits bust and flare up to the hips. It is knitted top down seamless with a soft and airy yarn.
First we knit the collar and then we pick-up stitches to knit the back back and forth. The stitches are then picked up on the shoulders to knit both fronts. Find the first steps in schematics on p. 12.
All diagrams or written explanations of the lace patterns are to be found in a file joined to the pattern.
The front and back are joined together under the armholes and knitted in rounds down to the bottom.
Finally, the stitches are picked-up at the armholes to knit the sleeves, which begin with short rows to form the shoulders.
I offer you 2 types of sleeves: cap sleeves or short sleeves.
You can also combine the sleeves of the “Spring Dream” cardigan to create an elegant little sweater that will accompany you this fall.

The size numbers are present only for ease of identification and explanation in the pattern and have no normative value. The most important thing is to refer to the measurement table.
Choose your size according to the size of your back width (measured from one underarm to another in the back) without ease. If your bust size is more than 3 cm larger than the size indicated for your build, refer to the bust adjustment file that came with the pattern.

Yarn supplies:
BC Garn, Lino (100% linen) 150 m/50gr or any similar fingering/sport yarn:
• Cap sleeves: 5, 6, 6 (6, 6, 6) 7, 7 8, 8, 8 skeins or 745/815, 790/864, 810/886 (855/935, 900/985, 900/985) 955/1044, 1010/1105 1070/1170, 1110/1214, 1150/1258 meters/yards.
BC Garn Lino

BC Garn


745 - 1240 m
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