Designer: Lone Kjeldsen

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OUTSIDE - a cardigan when it is cold inside, and a jacket, when it’s not too cold outside.

Oversized with plenty of space, and the sleeves ending right under the elbow.

The combination of knit and slip stitches gives a very tight and textured surface - it is easy to knit…and a little slowly too.

The construction is a new idea. Using short rows technique on the back piece, the knitting direction changes, and the sleeves will make a twist resulting in a very perfect fit.

This is a one piece project and the final finishing is minimal.
Kremke Soul Wool Babyalpaka Lace

Kremke Soul Wool

Babyalpaka Lace

BC Garn Bio Shetland GOTS zertifiziert

2450 - 3062 yards (2240 - 2800 m)
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